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Floristerías en Colombia - Regalos y Flores a Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla y más

Si está pensando en enviar flores a Colombia, Agatha y Valentina es su mejor elección, nuestra floristería ofrece regalos, arreglos florales, frutales, vinos, chocolates, peluches y otros tipos de flores. Los precios de nuestras floristerías incluyen gastos de envío con domicilio a cualquier lugar de Colombia. Ahora desde cualquier parte del mundo puede enviar REGALOS Y FLORES A COLOMBIA.


  1. Consentida
    US$ 88.25
  2. Frutos del Sol
    US$ 56.60
  3. Bonsái Buxus Festival
    US$ 64.88
  4. Lluvia de Color
    US$ 53.09
  5. Rosa Eterna Roja
    US$ 58.36
  6. Carolina Herrera - Solo Bogotá
    US$ 174.65
  7. Orquídea Morada Deluxe
    US$ 48.57
  8. Orquidea Blanca X 2 Varas en caja
    was US$ 39.53 Special Price US$ 34.51
  9. Sueño de Amor
    US$ 73.17
  10. Brillante
    US$ 58.36
  11. Desayuno Sorpresa - Felicidad
    US$ 29.99
  12. Bouquet Paris
    US$ 71.66
  13. Rosado Basic X 18
    US$ 38.53
  14. Victoria´s Secret -Solo Bogotá
    US$ 72.16
  15. Amor Amor Standard x 24
    US$ 45.05
  16. Hermosa
    US$ 54.84
  17. Bonsái Kokedama Pino Sorpresa
    US$ 46.56
  18. Maravilloso
    US$ 69.90
  19. Caja Amarilla Fiesta
    US$ 58.61
  20. Soñadora
    US$ 45.05
  21. Multicolor Premium x 36
    US$ 53.34




  1. Dulce Amor
    US$ 45.05
  2. Bella Azalea
    US$ 75.17

Flower shops in Colombia – Send flowers and gifts to Colombia – Flower delivery to Colombia

In the past it was virtually impossible to send flowers to Colombia. Now, though, with Agatha y Valentina, you have a professional flower delivery service to Colombia year round at low costs.

If you’re thinking about sending gifts or sending flowers to Colombia, Agatha y Valentina is your best choice. Our flower shop offers gifts, flower arrangements, bouquets, boxes of roses and other types of flowers that we send directly to your loved ones on special occasions: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmases, birthdays, births, graduations and more.

No matter what the occasion, Agatha y Valentina offer bouquets, flower arrangements, and gifts designed specifically for that special day. Flower delivery to Colombia couldn’t be easier. Agatha y Valentina’s flower shop in Colombia can deliver flowers anywhere in Colombia within two days after you place your order, depending on the location. We have a sophisticated infrastructure to insure that your flowers and gifts arrive safe and secure to their intended destination. Daily, we receive roses, gerbera daisies, alstroemerias, carnations, and other varieties of flowers from the cultivations in Bogota’s savannah. These flowers are processed and sent directly to their final destination avoiding the typical chain of wholesalers, distributors, retailers and consumers insuring you will receive the freshest, healthiest, highest quality flowers.

Now, from anywhere around the world, you can send GIFTS AND FLOWERS TO COLOMBIA.

The prices of our flower shop include shipping costs to any place in Colombia.